Mohammed bin Rashid riding a bicycle in Dubai

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, may God protect him, toured by bicycle in different areas of the Emirate of Dubai, accompanied by Khalifa Suleiman, Sultan Al Sabousi and a number of officials.

Mohammed bin Rashid touring by a bicycle in Dubai

His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, published on his account in «Instagram» a picture of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid during the tour.

The communication pioneers also shared on their accounts pictures of his tour in the regions of the emirate.

5 golden tips for cycling fans

Be sportive as Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid

In the following lists 5 golden and important tips that cycling enthusiasts must adhere to, to ensure that they continue to exercise and achieve the goals that every person aspires to.

Buy the right bike

First of all, a person must set his goals before buying a bike due to the different specifications and prices from one bike to another, some of which are suitable for beginners, and others that meet the needs of professionals, and you should not make a big mistake, which is buying a luxury bike only to show off to friends, and take into account some important points before buying, such as buying a bike that suits the person’s age, choosing the appropriate size according to the length of the rider, in addition to taking into account other technical specifications that are compatible with the nature of the tracks to be driven on.

Safety procedures

Security and safety standards must be adhered to while riding a bicycle, as the Dubai Sports Council has set a set of mandatory rules and guidance panels for users of cycling tracks in Dubai in order to achieve the safety standards required during training, in cooperation with government institutions in Dubai, and has adopted a number of mandatory conditions Which track goers must adhere to before practicing sports on the track, the most important of which are wearing a protective helmet and a reflective jacket, not using dual headphones while riding bicycles, not using intermittent lighting and using constant lighting, using the right side of the road in all cases, and making sure that the road is clear With the issuance of a hand signal when changing lanes, adherence to public safety conditions while driving a bicycle and not doing any dangerous things, always walking in the direction of traffic and not vice versa, with adherence to the specified bike lane, adherence to the instructions contained in the indicative signs that are installed on the road and on the bicycle path Do not use the phone or photograph while cycling.

Proper nutrition

Like other sports, cycling needs proper nutrition and drinking water constantly to replace the fluids in the body, as it is preferable to drink a sip of water every 15 minutes and after an hour and a half, you should start eating something every 30 or 40 minutes with the need to go to natural alternatives and stay away from Energy drinks, as regular foods in the home may give a similar benefit, and it is recommended to eat nuts, as well as bananas, biscuits or biscuits with jam, and the ideal drink is water with honey, lemon and a little sodium bicarbonate, and therefore a person must balance in the feeding process and not forget to put a bottle of water In the designated place by bike or taking more in case he wants to drive long distances.

Moderate speed

Driving at high speeds does not mean that you have reached high levels of professionalism, and your speed must be moderate while driving a bicycle, especially in crowded places and streets with severe curves in order to ensure your safety and the safety of others, and bicycles are like jogging, where it is sufficient to maintain The same speed pattern to utilize the fat stores accumulated in the body to provide energy in terms of health, especially since cycling is a sport that improves the capabilities of the heart, serves the heart muscle and reduces the risk of exposure to cardiovascular diseases.

Share others

It is recommended that two people or a group of friends practice this sport in order to ensure continuity and as a matter of encouragement and motivation, as talking while walking is a matter that forgot the hardship of switching and prompts you to go further and travel long distances accompanied by your colleague who shares the same interest, which will contribute to the practice of sport for long periods During one week, as some trainers believe that cycling for at least 150 minutes every week ensures a moderate pattern of physical and psychological fitness, and regular exercise helps to lose weight, reduce tension, get rid of muscle tension and lethargy.

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