Mohamed bin Zayed & President of Kyrgyzstan Call

Sooronbay Jeenbekov, the President of Kyrgyzstan met with Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi via phone call on Tuesday the 7th of April. The two world leaders arranged the call so that they were better able to review the status of the worldwide effort to defeat the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Mohamed bin Zayed & President of Kyrgyzstan

Unity between nations in a troubled time

review global fight against coronavirus

Jeenbekov called Sheikh Mohamed to discuss the global Coronavirus situation. Jeenbekov was especially interested in the idea of further cooperation with the United Arab Emirates during this time of crisis. He expressed a desire to have the two nations pandemic response departments collaborate during the outbreak.

Sheikh Mohamed has been a huge proponent of solidarity in these trying times. The Sheikh was keen to emphasize that the UAE will continue to provide humanitarian efforts and aid to friendly countries during the pandemic.

Praise from the President for the UAE

The UAE has been a world leader in providing humanitarian aid during the Coronavirus outbreak. Many countries have now received deliveries of key medical supplies as a result of the generosity of the UAE.

President Jeenbekov heaped praise upon the UAE for their efforts to provide assistance during these difficult times. He told Sheikh Mohamed how much he appreciated the work that the Emirates have done to help their allies.

Sheikh Mohamed wished the continued wellbeing and safety of all people worldwide.

UAE is a world leader in humanitarian efforts

Since the Coronavirus outbreak hit critical levels, many countries have struggled to keep up with the demand for medical equipment and healthcare facilities. The UAE has been well prepared to deal with such a crisis due to many years of investment in infrastructure.

Now the UAE is able to generously provide the benefits of this infrastructure to other nations. Medical supplies have gone out to Serbia, Pakistan, and Iran to name just a few. Without the kind efforts of the UAE, many more would have lost their lives.

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