Mohamed bin Zayed & President Macron strengthening mutual relations

His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed & President Macron of the friendly French Republic, discussed during a phone call, mutual relations within the framework of the strategic partnership, as His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed affirmed the depth and firmness of relations between the two friendly countries, as well as discussing many of the regional and international issues of common concern.

Mohamed Bin Zayed & President Macron strengthening of the two countries’ relations

His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed, during the phone call with the frecnch President Macron, expressed his condemnation of the terrorist attacks in France during the last period, and offered his condolences to the French President for the victims and wished a speedy recovery for the injured, stressing that these practices are inconsistent with the teachings and principles of all monotheistic religions that urge Peace.

Mohamed bin Zayed: violence and its politicization is unacceptable

His Highness bin Zayed mentioned that the Messenger Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, represents a great sacredness to Muslims, but linking this issue to violence and its politicization is unacceptable, noting that interaction between peoples should be through the interconnection of civilizations, cultures, and mutual respect.

His Highness expressed his appreciation for the cultural diversity in the French Republic and its embrace of its Muslim citizens who live under the regulations of of the law and the state of institutions.

His Highness Mohamed Bin Zayed affirmed that the United Arab Emirates is dirrect and clear in its approach, as its coexistance is an Arab and Muslim country with the world.

Mohamed Bin Zayed & President Macron dealing a phone call

Bin Zayed & President Macron phone call dealt with the situation in the Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean, where the two leaders of the two countries affirmed their rejection of any aggressive practices that may threaten regional security and stability or interference in the internal affairs of each country.

Bin Zayed & President Macron during the phone call expressed their support for any moves or initiatives that help in reaching political settlements to conflicts in the region.

During the phone call between Bin Zayed & President Macron touched on the developments of the coronavirus pandemic in the two countries and the world, and the importance of strengthening international cooperation in all levels.

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