Meshaal returns to the UAE after he was stuck in Mexico

The United Arab Emirates continues to evacuate its citizens and facilitate all necessary measures to return them safely to the homeland, in coordination with the embassies of the country abroad.

The UAE helped Emirati child Meshaal Mahmoud Al-Ali, 9 years old, to return to the homeland from the United States of Mexico after the child’s parents registered his data in the “Twajudi” service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation for UAE citizens, and they contacted the ministry and the embassy of the state In Mexico City to evacuate their son with his grandfather to the United Arab Emirates.

Thanks to the efforts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the country’s embassies in the United States of Mexico, Canada, and the United Kingdom, the child was able to join his family in the Emirates after a 48-hour trip to Dubai to reunite the child with his parents.

The father of the child Mahmoud Mohammed Al-Ali expressed his thanks and gratitude for the tremendous work of the leaders of the Emirates to overcome all obstacles and facilitate the procedures for the return of the children of the Emirates to the homeland.

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