UAE is sending medical supplies to Sudan for the second time

The UAE sent an aid plane containing 11 tons of medical supplies to Sudan, to support it in limiting the spread of the new Coronavirus, and more than 11,000 health care workers will benefit from it to enhance their efforts to contain the spread of the virus.

UAE Ambassador to Sudan Hamada Mohamed Hamid Al Junaibi said, the United Arab Emirates stands beside Sudan in the face of one of the most pressing global challenges to health and security, and our goal is for health care workers on the front lines in Sudan to be better equipped to fight the epidemic and overcome On this crisis.

medical supplies to Sudan
How does Sudan deal with the corona crisis?

The UAE sent medical supplies to Sudan on April 22, 2020

The United Arab Emirates sent the first shipment on April 22, including 7 tons of medical supplies to Sudan. More than 7,000 health care workers in Sudan have benefited from this United Arab Emirates medical aid to enhance their efforts to contain the spread of the virus.

“The United Arab Emirates and Sudan have strong historical brotherly relations in all political, economic and cultural fields, and we have had strong ties with them since the early days of the founding of our country, as the strategic partner of the United Arab Emirates in the region,” said Hamada Mohamed Hamid Al Junaibi, UAE ambassador to Sudan.

“The United Arab Emirates stands beside all the countries that are working hard to end this humanitarian crisis,” UAEVOICE quoted Al-Junaibi as saying, “Extending a helping hand in these conditions and strengthening solidarity and cooperation between countries has become an urgent necessity to confront the emerging Coronavirus.”

How does Sudan deal with the corona crisis?

Corona in Sudan .. “Hiding disease” is a crisis that threatens health personnel

The number of doctors expressed their deep concern about the phenomenon of concealing many of the patients visiting hospitals about their infection with the emerging coronavirus, which exposes health personnel to a real danger, especially in light of the apparent shortage in the initial investigation devices and the means and clothing necessary to protect doctors and health personnel.

Worsening crisis

The increase in injuries among the medical staff greatly exacerbates the crisis, as it leads to the temporary exit of a large number of these staff from service. Work has also been suspended in many hospitals, due to the precautionary measures taken when it was discovered that a person with coronas had been admitted to a hospital not designated for receiving cases.

Big danger

The greatest risk facing medical personnel is cases that hospitals review with other diseases and do not know that they carry the Coronavirus, but they do not show symptoms of the disease, as these cases are dealt with in most cases without following the necessary protocols to protect from the corona.

Societal culture

The risk lies with some regular reviewers who hide the symptoms of corona for reasons related to societal culture, or ignorance of the nature of the disease itself.

At the beginning of the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, I did in all hospital accidents the screening process, but with the outbreak of the disease and its appearance with different symptoms, there are some patients who hide their symptoms and their medical history such as travel, which led to the injury of much medical personnel with Covid-19, despite taking precautionary measures.

The lack of capabilities also poses a threat to health personnel. This indicates an acute shortage of protective clothing and devices that play an important role in protecting the medical staff, and consequently, their shortage leads to an increase in the number of injuries in the medical community.

Tight Situation

The medical staff in Sudan work under difficult and complex conditions. Despite the great efforts made by the Ministry of Health to deal with the pandemic, there are real obstacles facing the health sector due to the deliberate neglect suffered during the years of the rule of the isolated Omar Al-Bashir, which spanned thirty years.

UAE initiative … medical supplies to Sudan

For this reason, the United Arab Emirates was able, during its initiatives, to send medical aid to the sisterly country, Sudan, in view of its necessary needs to ensure the safety of the medical cadres, which guarantee a better future for the Sudanese people.

Source: WAM
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