Mars Hope Probe represents the triumph of UAE Space Agency

The United Arab Emirates is looking out on an exciting new mission of discovery. The Mars Hope Probe is now ready to launch. The transport mission to its launch site in Japan took place over an 83 hour period.

A brave new space exploration mission to Mars

The Mars Hope Probe is one of the most innovative technology projects to come out of the UAE. This represents huge progress towards the UAE’s mission to Mars.

The launch mission is going to go into action in July. For now, the engineers focus on getting everything ready.

This will be the first space probe to take pictures of the atmosphere on Mars. It will reach Mars in 2021 and begin to return images.

Mars Hope Probe Mission

World leaders in space exploration

The UAE is once again showing the rest of the world how mighty its science and technology resources are. In addition, the Hope Mars Probe represents years of innovation and technical knowledge condensed into this incredible project.

The Probe transfer is a total success

The UAE space agency took the probe and transported it to Tanegashima Island just off the coast of Japan. This small island will serve as the launch site for the Hope probe. The transport operation took 83 hours. Engineers from the UAE space agency used their skills to work in coordination with Japanese authorities on this mission.

UAE Space Agency runs well ahead of schedule

The creation of this Mars Hope Probe originally had a 10 years production timeline. Now the top Engineers at the UAE Space Agency have completed its construction in just 6 years. Even more impressive is that they completed this project at half the original cost budget. This is truly a testament to the great skill of all the workers at the UAE Space Agency.

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