Mansour bin Mohammed issues a decision on developing sports in Dubai

The Chairman of the Dubai Sports Council, His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, released a decision on institutional controls for the selection and follow-up of managers and supervisors at clubs and sports companies in Dubai.

Towards the progress of sports in Dubai

Resolution No. 5 of 2020 called for the creation and oversight of administrative and supervisory bodies in clubs and sports undertakings in the Emirate of Dubai, and for the establishment of controls for the role of this significant group in different clubs and sports undertakings, within the scope of the development of national bodies, and for assisting them in the effective exercise of their administrative and supervisory roles through the execution of their administrative and supervisory role by attracting the best executives According to the parameters laid down in the Decision, in such a manner as to lead to the convergence of managerial and technological positions in order to ensure the desired growth of the sports industry and to make the atmosphere at the level of sports and culture desirable for sports clubs and businesses.

Development in Sports clubs

Decision-making in sports clubs and enterprises in the Emirate of Dubai starts directly after its issuance and requires the requirements and controls for the selection and follow-up of managers and supervisors. He must have the academic credentials needed for the position, pass the work control exams provided by the Dubai Sports Council for administrative and managers, and interviews, and be committed to engaging in the growth and knowledge projects and courses that the Council develops with the specialized bodies.

Decision-making is part of the ongoing growth efforts undertaken by the Dubai Sports Council to improve the processes and working methodology of sports clubs and enterprises, making them an enticing place for people of different ages and sports, providing them with an perfect atmosphere for exercising their sports hobbies, leading to an rise in the number of people of different ages and sports The ability to improve their professional sports levels and to represent club teams from various age categories, to represent the different national teams, by developing criteria and controls that identify those eligible to serve and track their job success as managers and supervisors in clubs and sports companies.

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