Louvre Abu Dhabi celebrates the third anniversary of its inauguration

Louvre Abu Dhabi today celebrates the third anniversary of its opening, which falls on November 11th, by looking at the achievements and innovations born within its walls on the one hand and looking to the future.

Louvre Abu Dhabi launched digital initiatives

The museum has resorted to creativity to meet the new challenges posed by the global COVID-19 epidemic, as it launched its first short film entitled “The Pulse of Time”, as well as launching over 22 digital initiatives this year, through which it attracted millions of visitors to its expanding digital community. The museum’s fourth year promises interesting programs and initiatives while working on launching new programs and unveiling many of the pieces gained and loaned in its exhibition halls.

Louvre Abu Dhabi museum achievements

Head of the Department of Culture and Tourism Abu Dhabi, His Excellency Mohamed Khalifa Al Mubarak said that the achievements made by the Louvre Abu Dhabi within three years have left their mark on the cultural scene of the emirate, as the museum project began with an agreement between the governments of Abu Dhabi and France, and now it is a prominent landmark in the country and the world.

He added: When talking about the past year, I must praise the museum’s ability to adapt to the changing conditions in which the world lives, as the museum’s art collection and activities are no longer confined to its walls, but entered the public’s homes through educational and digital initiatives that it launched within the framework of its vision, and the Louvre Abu Dhabi and its global mission remain a fundamental pillar of Abu Dhabi’s mission to establish unity in diversity and make culture an essential part of our daily life.

The Museum displays new artefacts

Within the framework of the periodic change of the artefacts displayed in its halls, the pieces on loan from the Musée d’Orsay included Edgar Degas (1858-1869), the railway bridge in the city of Chatou by Pierre Auguste Renoir (1881), and trailers, a Roma camp on the outskirts of Arles by Vincent Van Gogh (1888), haystacks, end of summer by Claude Monet / 1891 /, the ship Lafayette in New York City by Eugene Louis Geo/beginning of the twentieth century /, and an old man in front of the children’s graves of Othman Hamdi Bey / 1903 /, and a view in the south by Pierre Bonnard 1928. In addition, the museum displayed a number of valuable maps and manuscripts dating back to the centuries from the fourteenth to the eighteenth centuries on loan from the National Library of France.

The museum will also display in its halls new art and archaeological pieces it acquired, including archaeological works in the first chapters of its exhibition halls, to shed light on the history of human creativity, and over the coming months, visitors to the museum will discover new works in the final chapters of the exhibition halls.

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