UAE develops laser-based Diffractive Phase Interferometry

The UAE announced on Tuesday, the development of DPI (Diffractive Phase Interferometry) technology, a new tool that enables high-speed group examinations within seconds through laser beams, to allow the circle of exams to be expanded in an unprecedented way.

Abdul Rahman bin Muhammad Al Owais, Minister of Health and Community Protection, expressed optimism about this discovery and said:

> We are following all innovations and developments related to the rapid detection of coronavirus.

> We are open to all efforts that can be used to prevent the spread of the virus.

> We are optimistic after testing the effectiveness of the new device This is an effective technological innovation that can better protect our society.

For his part, Dr. Kumar, the leader of the team of researchers in the laboratory who has been studying and analyzing during the past few months, changes in the structure of blood cells infected with the virus.

Diffractive Phase Interferometry technology

Diffractive Phase Interferometry
Diffractive Phase Interferometry technology.

Identify the Coronavirus in seconds

Dr. Kumar, Statements:

The laser-based DPI (Diffractive Phase Interferometry) technology. It is based on the involvement of the optical phase, as it can detect the coronavirus within seconds.

This device is suitable to be used in hospitals and public places such as shopping malls and cinemas, With practical training … we think it will be a major paradigm shift in tackling the spread of the Coruna virus.

On the diagnostic system, Dr. Kumar said that the advanced AI Image Analysis model expects the results of each image quickly and according to a very accurate scale. This is especially crucial in large-scale testing programs.

Dr. Kumar explained the course of the tests

During the first phase, which included 1000 people, we made some adjustments to the tests and then applied them to the rest of the stages of the tests, and the process went through several stages and all took place through direct coordination with the authorities responsible for health affairs.

Through the blood cells

The (WHO) World Health Organization declared Covid-19 a global pandemic in March, scientists have been trying to develop a technique that reduces the time required for diagnosis on the one hand, and doctors have been able to focus on patients as needed on the other hand, knowing that the diagnostic period of current examinations exceeds a few hours.

In this regard, Dr. Kumar indicated that the laboratory hopes to be able to list this product on the market within a few months.

With regard to testing at an early stage, DPI (Diffractive Phase Interferometry) technology can detect the virus once the blood cells are infected, and our goal is to finally reach To the maximum accuracy in the results.

Commenting on this invention, Nader Ahmed Al Hammadi, a member of the Board of Directors of the International Holding Company, said:

“The International Holding Company is proud of its role in contributing to the creative efforts made by the leadership in the United Arab Emirates to combat the spread of Covid-19 disease, especially with regard to testing and raising awareness.”

United Arab Emirates national strategy

Enabling scientific research and encouraging scientific innovations and inventions aimed at achieving people’s well-being is among the most prominent pillars of the national strategy for advanced innovation announced by the government of the United Arab Emirates in February 2018. The strategy also encourages cooperation with international institutions and leading international companies specialized in the field of innovation.

Source: WAM
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