A Greek Resident To UAE Voice : Greece and UAE both have strong beliefs and mutual respect

We present you with an exclusive interview with Kristina, a Greek citizen residing in the UAE, that has been held by UAEVOICE, through our questions she was able to express her opinion on the significance of the ongoing cooperation between the UAE and Greece in several areas.

A brief about Kristina UAE resident 

Kristina is a Greek citizen residing in the United Arab Emirates.

Kristina UAE resident lived there for 7 years. She loves everything about the state’s diversity like the melting pot of nationalities, generosity, amazing food, amazing malls and restaurants, hospitality, and equality.

An exclusive interview with Kristina UAE resident 

Greece and the United Arab Emirates condemn Turkey’s destabilizing behavior in the region.

What is Kristina UAE resident’s comment on that and what do you think of the strength of the relations between the UAE and Greece?

Kristina UAE resident said that: I agree with that.

As she wants my country to keep its strength in the Mediterranean Sea.

Plus Greece protects Europe from ISIS members entering. I don’t know if you are aware but today a 27 yo Syrian refugee was arrested for being a member of ISIS and being alleged for murdering and torturing a lot of people.

Kristina believes that Greece and UAE both have strong beliefs and love for their country and embrace their culture and traditions. We both are close to our families and share a great love for history.

Kristina also expressed her thanking for accepting our president with great honors!

She is a patriot!  And she loves the UAE as her second country.

Kristina doesn’t know if she could be very fair in her opinion.

Greece and the UAE discuss developments in the situation in the eastern Mediterranean, from Kristina UAE resident opinion to the extent to which this great cooperation can reach and what are the positive results of it?

Kristina said that: The positive result for Greece is that we will have one more country to support us and our power in shipping in the Mediterranean sea. For the UAE it’s a great opportunity to invest in Greece as it is close to them. It’s the most like-minded country in all European countries! Has great potential with the help of the right investors!

Greece is literally a gem!

Kristina expressed that: It needs to be clear from invaders. People that come and live inside the country acting as refugees sent by enemies so the enemies have people to help them from the inside.

In a potential war

The situation in the Aegean sea has been unstable for many months, and unfortunately, the borders with turkey have a lot of gaps, that now are being fixed with a fence, In Evros.

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