Khalifa University contributes to the early Corona detection

Khalifa University of Science and Technology announced that a group of researchers from the Center for Biotechnology and the Center for Membranes and Advanced Water Technology, in cooperation with the concerned authorities, are working on a project aimed at monitoring the viral presence in wastewater, as a means of detection and early tracking of the emerging coronavirus in all individuals, and that By developing a model capable of assessing virus prevalence rates according to the results shown by studies examining what people produce in wastewater.

Laboratory experiments to detect coronavirus

The university pointed out that studies indicate that the biological samples produced by individuals infected with Coronavirus, including individuals who do not show symptoms, pass through wastewater, and the levels of the virus in wastewater can reflect the estimated ratios of the number of infected cases in individuals and because the examination of wastewater samples means the examination of each person participating in the sample, which represents a group examination of people against the virus.

The experiments conducted by the university proved successful, as they confirmed their readiness to support the national plans developed by the authorities concerned with combating the emerging coronavirus in the country in monitoring the virus in sanitation stations and conducting further research studies to estimate prevalence rates and trends.

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