JIU-JITSU Federation … “first line of defense” championship

The board of directors of the JIUJITSU Federation held a meeting yesterday April 22nd remotely with visual communication technology in light of following up the current conditions in the UAE.

JIUJITSU championship

The whole world and the consequent stopping of sports activity in all sports as a result of the outbreak of the coronavirus, the federation issued exceptional decisions. In order to enhance the spread of positivity and entertaining among Emirati society groups including citizens and residents in the country.

The JIUJITSU Federation announces the “first-line defense” championship

The federation decided to establish a championship called the “first line of defense”. This will be in recognition of the honourable role of health sector workers. They took the lead in protecting society from the threat of the coronavirus epidemic.

The date of the “first line of defence” championship will determine in coordination with the competent authorities. It will invite the representatives of the medical sector in the UAE and abroad to crown the JIUJITSU winners

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