Japan imports a third of its crude oil imports from the UAE

Japan imported about 20.173 million barrels of crude oil from the United Arab Emirates last September, which represented 31.4% of total imports.

Japan crude oil imports from UAE

Japan’s total crude oil imports amounted to about 64.212 million barrels, according to data from the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy of the Japanese Ministry of Trade, Industry and Economy.

Japan imported from Saudi Arabia about 25.721 million barrels, representing 40.1% of the total, and from Kuwait, about 5.139 million barrels, representing 8%, and from Russia, about 2.190 million barrels, representing 3.4%.

Total Arab crude oil in Japan

The percentage of Arab crude oil in Japan’s total oil imports was about 90.5%, or 58.088 million barrels, according to the Emirates News Agency.

The UAE and Japan Strong relationships

The total value of non-oil trade between the United Arab Emirates and Japan reached 481.34 billion dirhams (130.8 billion dollars) over the 10 years from 2009-2019, according to the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Economy statistics.

The enormity of the value of non-oil trade between the United Arab Emirates and Japan indicates the extent of the development of trade and economic relations between the two countries.

While the United Arab Emirates is on the list of the five largest crude oil-exporting countries to Japan, Japanese investments in the United Arab Emirates are concentrated in the sectors of technology, renewable energy, transportation and health care.

The United Arab Emirates and Japan Mutual investment

These investments are also focused in the wholesale and retail trade, production of polyethene and polypropylene, shipping, warehousing, advanced technology services, crude oil and natural gas exploration, communications and information technology.

Japanese investments and advanced technology have played a vital role in supporting the development process in the United Arab Emirates, as there are more than 88 Japanese companies registered with the Ministry of Economy in the United Arab Emirates.

There are also about 209 agencies, and more than 11,000 Japanese trademarks registered, while the number of valid and registered memberships with the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce & Industry is about 44 companies.

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