Israeli Knesset votes on the peace agreement with the UAE

The Israeli Knesset will vote today, Thursday, on the peace agreement signed last month between Israel and the UAE, after the Israeli government, last Monday, unanimously approved its wording.

Israeli Knesset voting

The Israeli Knesset is expected to vote on it with an overwhelming majority. It is scheduled to be returned to the Council of Ministers for approval.

UAE-Israel peace agreement

Netanyahu had signed the agreement with UAE Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed at a ceremony hosted by US President Donald Trump on September 15.

It should be noted that the agreement does not address sensitive issues such as suspending Israeli plans to annex lands from the West Bank, which was agreed upon in exchange for peace with Abu Dhabi.

Israeli Knesset voting for “Abraham Agreement”

Next week, Netanyahu will review before the Foreign Affairs and Security Committee a number of the secret provisions contained in the agreement.

The Israeli Knesset’s General Assembly will vote today on the peace agreement between Israel and the UAE, known as the “Abraham Agreement”. During the session, the nature of the diplomatic relations between the two sides will be presented.

Netanyahu review the peace agreement

The session begins with a speech by the Speaker of the Israeli Knesset, Representative Yariv Levin, after which the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will review the agreement, followed by a speech by the head of the opposition, Yair Lapid, after which a discussion of details will take place, where 100 people have registered to participate in it so far, and each participant will be allocated 4 minutes.

Exceptionally, it will allow the participation of ministers and deputy ministers who are not members of the Israeli Knesset, and at the end of the debate, it will be voted on.

On the other hand, Israeli sources said that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Wednesday that he would reveal secret parts of the agreement next week to the Foreign Affairs Committee and Parliamentary Intelligence Services, and this came after several repeated requests made to him in the recent period.

Representative Moshe Ya’alon from “Yesh Atid-Telem” said in a media interview that “he asked Hajj to review the terms of the agreement after reports about secret articles in the agreement related to selling advanced weapons to the UAE, and that this matter could have an impact on Israel’s military strategy and its military superiority in the region.”

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