Dr. Edy Cohen Exclusive article showing Israel and the United Arab Emirates relations

Edy Cohen: The Peacemakers

The article was written by Academic Researcher, Dr. Edy Cohen.

Since the announcement of the peace agreement and the full normalization of relations; Between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, and the entire region is moving at an accelerating pace towards comprehensive change, which will lead to the upgrading of the region for the better on various levels, economically; Commercially, scientifically; Culturally and of course, security, and a change that makes us right before a “new Middle East” that is more stable and secure and able to face the many and great challenges and dangers surrounding it in the East and West, from Iran to Turkey and their tails from political Islam groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood; Hezbollah and the terrorist Hamas, and other mercenaries such as the Houthi group.

That alliance that sows seeds of peace that, in turn, will grow because of communication between peoples, acquaintance, and visiting, which leads to the creation of a good environment in which people exchange human feelings based on love, goodness, and the desire for coexistence. Here comes to me the saying of the wise man, “We made you peoples and tribes to know each other.” I would also like to refer to the name of the last peace agreement, “the Agreement of Abraham.” This name is not a coincidence and by way of absurdity, it is a name that carries great connotations and meanings full of wisdom and good advice. The descendants of Abraham, peace be upon him, we are the children of cousins. The Torah says on the authority of our father Abraham, “I will be good to you, and make your offspring like the sand of the sea that does not count for abstinence. Each of them has a hand for the other with good, and that our arms unite in order to ward off the looming dangers that surround us, so that we can preserve the prosperity that our country enjoys, and even work to increase it and ensure its continuity for future generations.

Those generations that will be brought upon the values of peace, love, and cooperation, which will be an impenetrable block in the face of hatred, that hatred that has obscured the minds of millions of the peoples of the region for decades, and made them choose those who would harm them to control their destinies, and they surrendered their destinies to them, to burn their homes with their hands, under The slogans of “false resistance”, which have become clear with the days, are nothing but false slogans promoted by a handful of beneficiaries and merchants who misled the Arab nation, to the expense of their narrow sectarian and material interests.

The peace that has been reached between Israel and the United Arab Emirates is a step that can be described not only as a mission but as a step more than a courageous one which would not have taken place had it not been for the presence of powerful leaders in both countries, leaders who raise the interest of their countries, not only in the immediate moment but also in the future. Leaders who set their sights on the coming generations, and the magnitude of the challenges that await them, and therefore they work hard to establish a climate of cooperation and integration at the regional level that builds solid foundations for a stable and prosperous future for these future generations. Today we see for the first time the aviation lines between Israel and the Emirates, Many Israelis are eagerly looking forward to visiting the Emirates, getting to know the customs of its people, enjoying the hospitality known about the two emirates, and shopping from its world-famous malls, and these Israelis preceded the Israeli goods that we saw some of them being offered for the first time in the UAE’s populous markets. Here in Israel, we are looking forward to visiting our Emirati cousins, to visit the Islamic holy sites, and enjoy the beauty of the magical nature in Israel and its beautiful beaches.

Therefore, I would like to add my voice to all the voices that recently called for the nomination of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed for the Nobel Peace Prize. Those courageous leaders deserve this ancient prize, in appreciation of their courage and their choice of the path of peace. In the end, I would like to salute the spirit of the present absent, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, founder of the UAE, who founded it on the principles of tolerance and coexistence, making the UAE an honorable model for the Arab and Islamic world, presenting moderate Islam and opposing hatred and extremism.

Written by Dr. Edy Cohen

Israeli writer and researcher

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