UAE Laboratories & international organizations partnerships

Research centers and advanced laboratories in the United Arab Emirates are considering bilateral partnerships with international organizations and many countries to combat the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19).

UAE partnerships with international organizations

The research centers and laboratories in the Emirates have started their preparations to conclude bilateral partnerships with international organizations, the United Nations and the World Health Organization, and several countries (the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Italy, China, India, Brazil, Egypt, Israel, South Korea, France, Cuba, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, and Indonesia) to exchange experiences, learn the best experiences, and develop meaningful research To find a cure, vaccine and rapid screening systems for the “Covid-19”, as well as exchange experiences on procedures to ensure a return to normal life, and take advantage of this crisis to prepare for any future crises.

In light of this pandemic that has spread in all countries of the world, it is imperative to place the interests of man and humanity and protect them at the top of priorities, to work together to get rid of a pandemic that the world has never seen before.

International organizations appreciated the UAE research center

How Dubai used science and technology to fight Corona

From research laboratories to the acquisition of more advanced equipment and applications via smartphones, the Covid-19 epidemic allows Dubai to review and use its latest scientific and technological developments to contain the virus and present itself as a model in crisis management.

In “Dubai Healthcare City”, the region dedicated to providing all health services since 2002 in the north of the emirate, young scientists sit behind computer screens at a center at the Mohammed bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences, following the developments of the virus.

The Center for Control, which Dubai’s Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed issued a decision to establish, aims to coordinate the efforts of political officials, doctors, epidemiologists and other public health experts.

The head of the center, Amer Al-Sharif, told UAE VOICE, “There has been a great focus in the Emirate of Dubai for years on the existence of a strong digital infrastructure, and this helped in the fight against Covid-19 on a number of levels.”

Thanks to its more diversified economy in the Gulf and the Middle East, and its modern infrastructure, Dubai has in recent years become an important station for air transport, a financial center, a tourist destination and a city that relies heavily on technology and artificial intelligence.

Al-Sharif confirms to international organizations that modern technologies have facilitated the process of quarantining and led to avoiding the outbreak of the disease thanks to the application of distance education and work, home delivery services via smartphone applications, and the complete digitization of the health system.

UAE progress in epidemiological research and accelerated testing

The UAE, made up of a federation of seven emirates, including Dubai, does not hide its ambitions in science and technology and even space.

The wealthy country sent one of its citizens to space last year, to be launched from Japan next July a mission to Mars is the first in the Arab world, in a project sponsored by Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Since the beginning of the new Coronavirus crisis, the UAE has repeatedly announced progress in epidemiological research and accelerated testing, and has developed several applications, including the “fort” that tracks infected people.

Source: WAM
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