Abu Dhabi in full preparation for Indian Premier League

The franchisees will have access to 30 massive networks, including 16 brand new ones when they arrive in Abu Dhabi later this month to prepare for the late 13th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL).

Zayed Cricket Stadium and its adjacent facilities are being developed for the popular T20 League which will be held in the UAE from September 19 to November 10. Prior to that, teams will arrive in the country after August 20 to conduct training camps before that competition.

Indian Premier League 2020

Abu Dhabi, one of the three stadiums, apart from the Dubai International Cricket Stadium and Sharjah Cricket Stadium, has already reached the ground in terms of preparations.

“It’s a great opportunity for the United Arab Emirates,” said Matthew Boucher, CEO of Abu Dhabi Cricket Company.

“Emirates Cricket Council has done a great job with BCCI. Sorry, it is clear to all the Indian fans that it cannot happen in India but hopefully the UAE will do another great job with all 60 matches. So, we are looking forward to this next step which is Another great opportunity for Emirati cricket. ”

UAE hostes 13th edition of Indian Premier League 2020

How will this year’s tournament be different?

Boucher revealed that they have already started work on the Abu Dhabi T10 League, which was postponed in November, when Indian Premier League news came out.

“From our point of view, before it became official, we were in preparation for Abu Dhabi T10 from November 19 until the 28th. A number of preparations for our event have now been accelerated. We have been working closely with the European Central Bank on what operating standard the procedures will look like from the room Bahrain trade and industry. But at the moment we are in a fully prepared situation. We are drawing the walls, and we are doing our best to detail that makes Abu Dhabi Cricket a great place to host international events. ”

“So, we are definitely in full gear and looking forward to announcing the match schedule and looking forward to providing details on match requirements with those teams. Also, of course, we are coordinating with some franchises, along with the European Central Bank, in any pre-camps coming to Abu Dhabi.So, it’s kind of a stage of selection with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in what the Abu Dhabi Sports Council, Abu Dhabi Cricket, and the hotels and facilities would look like in relation to the franchises coming for pre-camp, which is exciting again to have some franchises in the UAE Many weeks ago. ”

Boucher also said the teams will have a full range of facilities to make sure their preparations can continue unhindered.

“Last year we developed 16 new networks so we have a whole new international campus. We have 16 completely new networks ready for IPL teams. We also have our own cricket academy where eight of these will be available for use, which means 24 networks, plus Each of the playing deck boxes, adding another six. So, it’s an important area here and we’ve expanded it well. And we’ve expanded it with international cricket and community in mind. These are exciting moments, and we hope to see some full use of the facilities, “Boucher, who took over as president Acting Executive in 2017 before taking on full-time position last year.

Source: khaleejtimes
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