Ministry of Human Resources emphasizes the preparing of ‘Tawseel Delivery Services’

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization highlighted the preparedness of the ‘Tawseel Delivery Services’ fleet of 450 vehicles delivering free, fast and distinguished customer services.

Currently, Tawseel provides services to institutions and their staff, as well as domestic services. They are the same as those offered across the country by Tasheel, Tadbeer and Tawjeeh centers. It also offers customers the services of the Ministry of Justice in Sharjah from 8:00 to 20:00 between Saturday and Thursday. This is via the smart application ‘Tawseel’ or by calling 8008585.

Ministry of Human Resources implements lots of resources

Abdulrahman Al Mu’alla, Director of the Ministry’s Department of Service Centers, said Tawseel’s vehicles are fitted with the latest smart technology. They enable them to respond quickly to customer requests within 15 minutes, even in areas far from cities.

For Tawseel’s services, he said, there are no extra costs, adding that consumers only pay for the services they order.

Tawseel is a great form of creative government service aiming at enhancing customer engagement. Also promoting the provision of the best facilities. In accordance with the principles of the Emirates Government Service Excellence Program (EGSEP). Also within the scope of the organizational relationship. The relationship between the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization and the Ministry of Emiratization, Al Mu’alla pointed out.

He then praised the relationship and collaboration. Such collaboration between the Ministry of Human Resources and the Ministry of Emiratization and the Ministry of Justice. They contributed to the provision of services to the latter in the Sharjah emirate.

He also stressed the keenness of the ministry to improve its collaborations with other government bodies. This will allow Tawseel to provide comprehensive government services in the future.

Tawseel is one of the platforms through which the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization provides its services to consumers who are able to benefit from the ministry’s smart services through its website support centers ( or through its smart services accessible through its smart application.

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