How is UAE leading its war on the coronavirus pandemic?

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic overwhelms governments across the globe, the United Arab Emirates is taking the fight to the front lines. So, The plan is working, the UAE is the safest place in the world during the viral outbreak.

An aggressive virus demands an aggressive counter-strategy

In the space of three short months Coronavirus has changed the way people live across the entire world. In addition, Quarantines, lockdowns and social distancing have become the new normal for those lucky enough to be healthy.

Over 1,000,000 people infected with Coronavirus to date. The global death toll is climbing at an alarming rate, over 50,000 people have sadly lost their lives.

While many countries have found themselves overrun by the virus, the UAE is tackling the crisis head-on. No other nation has crafted as a strong or swiftly orchestrated counter-attack against the Coronavirus.

Passenger flights grounded

On the 23rd of March, authorities announced that they would be grounding all passenger flights for two weeks. Air travel has been a key vector in the rapid spread of Coronavirus. Shutting down airlines will preserve the safety of thousands of lives.

Educational establishments shut down

Universities, colleges, and schools closed their doors on March 8th. All of these educational facilities are going to be closed for four weeks.

Increased testing

Testing facilities have been ramped up to meet the growing demand. New drive-through testing clinics in Abu Dhabi can serve over 600 tests per day each.

A new laboratory capable of processing many thousands of test results recently opened. This is one of the largest Coronavirus testing laboratories in the world.

Sterilization program

March 26th marked the beginning of a three day National Sterilization Program. As well as, Public spaces, streets, and roads across the entire country were sterilized thoroughly in order to destroy the virus.

Economic stimulus package

Over 100 billion Dirhams pledged as a stimulus package. This stimulus package aims to reduce the economic slowdown caused by the Coronavirus outbreak.

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