How is the UAE Handling the Coronavirus Outbreak?

Countries around the world are trying to figure out a way to end the coronavirus pandemic. but what role does the UAE play in trying to contain it? While some countries have had success in reducing the spread of infection. Others are still seeing drastic growth in new cases. It is still uncertain whether suggestions like physical contact and the weather are major factors in certain societies. That affects the transmission, but scientists and doctors said that taking measures to help contain the Coronavirus Outbreak can make a big difference.

UAE Confront Coronavirus Outbreak

The use of modern technologies in the UAE

The number of people a country has tested, it reflected by the number of confirmed cases. Since the Coronavirus outbreak, the UAE reported over 50 cases, adding “active and continuous” investigations during examinations. UAE authorities are handling the cases according to the highest medical standards—from diagnosing patients to ensuring a full recovery. Following World Health Organization standards, medical facilities in the UAE equipped with supplies and all the necessary medical equipment—including thermal scanners for monitoring at entrances, and isolation rooms—to provide care and take measures required to deal with the coronavirus.

Attention to the people, the basis of the Emirates

The Ministry of Health and Prevention advised the general public. They should follow preventative health and personal hygiene protocols to prevent any further spread of the disease. The Department of Health also issued directives that full treatment of all suspected cases will be covered by the national health plan. The country’s economy may take a downturn. But the UAE took the steps needed. In order to contain the spread of COVID-19 and protect its role as a major tourism and business hub.

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