Health Department in Abu Dhabi wants Serious Medical Errors to be reported in 48 Hours

The regulators of the Department of health in Abu Dhabi published a new and updated version of the existing standards on the Reporting Medication Errors. The new standards specified that certain categories of medical errors that are extremely serious needed to be reported within 48 hours.

In case of the other categories of medical emergencies, it can be reported within a period of one month. This would ensure the prevention of any form of Medication errors in the future. The updated version follows the Culture of Safety Rule that aims to promote the implementation and development of the Continuous Quality Improvement system. This is a new concept that has been adopted by several international organizations including the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

The Updated standards require all the healthcare facilities to report all those medication error incidents that are related to the permanent harm of patients within 48 hours of identification and documentation of the error. For the medication errors that has not caused any harm to the patient or has harmed temporarily, can be reported on a monthly basis to the Department of Health.

The standard has further said that if the error has taken place in the health care facilities located in Abu Dhabi then the healthcare providers including the pharmacies would need to address the errors and also identify the root cause that has caused the error.

In addition to that, the healthcare experts also need to conduct an analysis of the errors and improve the system of treatment or medication so as to prevent any form of similar errors in the future.

The Director of Healthcare Licensing and Medical Education Division at the Department of Healthcare in Abu Dhabi, Dr Khaled Al Jaberi said that such implementations aim to maintain a healthier Abu Dhabi by using the highest levels of safety and healthcare services.

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