Go Strong with Google program supports UAE retail & tourism sectors

Google launched the new Go Strong with Google program to stimulate the economy in the Middle East and North Africa by providing a set of tools and training courses to support business activities and job seekers, while the program in the UAE will focus on supporting commercial activities operating in the retail trade sectors and tourism.

Google supports the retail and tourism sectors in the UAE

Digital tools have become a rescue tool for many people during the crisis,” Lino Cataruzzi, Google’s general manager in the region, said at a virtual conference. Digital opportunities can support people, businesses, and communities in the UAE and the region to make a stronger comeback. Through the “Go Strong with Google” program, we will help people acquire new skills, find jobs, and enhance the presence of commercial activities on the Internet, especially those working in the areas of retail and tourism.

Go Strong With Google program enhances Digital skills

Launched a program to accelerate economic recovery in the region

The Go Strong With Google program in the UAE includes training thousands of students and business activities on digital skills and the electronic cloud, in partnership with the Nama Women Advancement Foundation, the Mohammed bin Rashid Foundation for Small Enterprise Development, Ajman University and the University of Sharjah. Google will also host digital training for Emirati technology companies. About cloud computing.

Google has also launched the “Google for Startups Accelerator” program to support local entrepreneurs. The first group will include up to 15 startups from the region to participate in a 3-month program that provides guidance, direction and assistance from expert advisors.

Go Strong with Google program Financial grants

The Go Strong With Google program includes grants of $ 1.1 million from Google.org, the company’s charitable arm, to Mercy Corps, the Arab Tourism Organization and Youth Business International to direct business activities and entrepreneurs across the region.

The program also includes listing 50,000 local businesses in the UAE on “My Business on Google”, and providing owners of these businesses with digital skills, in partnership with the Dubai Chamber, which cooperated with Google to document 100,000 companies in the past two years.

Customer acquisition

All retailers in the UAE, whether or not they are advertisers on Google, will be granted access to the Google Shopping tab to list their products at no cost, which helps them communicate with more customers, in addition to launching Market Finder, which is a product. From Google, he helps local businesses identify new markets and acquire global customers.

On his part, Hamad Buamim, Director General of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said: “We were pleased to cooperate with Google in this strategic partnership and the distinguished initiative that served our members and strengthened their electronic presence, at a time when a digital transformation has become a fundamental pillar of business growth and enhancing the competitiveness of the private sector. While we are working to achieve our goals of helping more than 50,000 local companies grow through the Go Strong With Google program, we are also intensifying our efforts to enable the participation of business communities in the country and local chambers of commerce within this initiative and benefit from digital transformation support and exceptional training to enable New opportunities in the business world. Through our concerted efforts, we are confident of our success in pushing more small and medium companies towards digital transformation, and helping them adopt smart business practices to open new growth horizons in the UAE and foreign markets.

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