The UAE participation in the Global Ocean Alliance

The United Kingdom launched the Global Ocean Alliance, which the United Arab Emirates joined in promoting the protection of the oceans and marine environment around the world from the pressures they face, such as pollution, climate change, and overfishing, which represent a vital economic rise environmental value For a sustainable planet.

The Global Ocean Alliance Strategy

There are 32 countries that have joined the Global Ocean Alliance, and the UAE is the first country to join the alliance in the eastern region, and Global Ocean Alliance calls as part of its strategy to protect at least 30% of the oceans around the world by 2030 by expanding marine reserves.

UAE’s priorities during the Global Ocean Alliance

His Excellency Dr. Abdullah bin Mohammed Belhaif Al Nuaimi, The Minister of Climate Change and Environment, said: “Ensuring the sustainability of natural environmental resources and protecting the environment and biodiversity has been a major priority in the UAE’s strategy since its inception and over the past five decades and one of its priorities during the Global Ocean Alliance.

He pointed out that the UAE is striving to achieve its goal of protecting 30% of the oceans by joining the Global Ocean Alliance by 2030, which comes within the framework of its voluntary commitment to intensify global collective action efforts and speed up its environmental protection

The British Minister of the Pacific and the Environment, His Excellency Lord Zac Goldsmith welcomes the UAE’s accession to the Global Ocean Alliance and praises the efforts of the UAE in protecting the environment, locally and globally. Coastal communities, and guarantees a healthy future for all of us.”

UAE innovations in the rehabilitation of marine landscapes

The country has invested innovations in rehabilitating marine natural habitats through projects such as experiments in cultivating 24 types of heat-resistant coral reefs and the effects of climate change, which strengthens its position in the Global Ocean Alliance.

The UAE has built the largest coral reef park in the world, which will be home to 1.5 million coral reefs, and this strengthens its efforts in protecting the oceans.



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