Global Innovation Council reviews future plans through a remotely meeting

One of the initiatives of The Mohammed bin Rashid Center for Government Innovation, the Global Innovation Council presented a set of ideas and future visions that support efforts to develop and enhance government innovation in various parts of the world to find effective solutions to challenges that contribute to enhancing the development process and building a better future for future generations.

Minister of State for Governmental Development and the Future, Her Excellency Ohood Bint Khalfan Al Roumi, attended the council meeting which was done remotely

The participants discussed plans and directions to support the global government innovation environment, in line with the Council’s role in exploring new trends and opportunities and supporting governments to cross into the future and improve people’s lives.

Global Innovation Council Meeting Members

The meeting was attended by the Head of Government Strategy and Innovation for the UAE Government and members of the Global Innovation Council, Her Excellency Hoda Al Hashemi, Professor of Collective Intelligence, Public Policy, and Social Innovation at University College London, Geoff Mulligan, Dr. Ilse Treurnich, CEO of the Mars Discovery District Center, and Yoga Lebanon, Executive Director of the Finnish company Dimos Helsinki. Consulting,  Paul Bennett, the chief creative officer at IDEO, Jorrit de Jong is a lecturer in public policy at Harvard Kennedy School, and Marcus Pontori, a global expert in innovation, and Bing Fu, author, and American entrepreneur.

Hoda Al Hashemi affirmed that the UAE government has established a clear method for enhancing readiness and preparedness for the future, by adopting future foresight operations according to proactive visions, embodying the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, in establishing a culture of innovation in various fields of government work to find proactive solutions to challenges, which enhances the country’s readiness to cross into the future and achieve the UAE Centennial 2071 targets.

Global Innovation Council Important Role

The Global Innovation Council aims to enhance the ability of governments in innovation by disseminating and disseminating government innovation method, taking part in developing government policies based on innovation in the UAE government and world governments, and planning proactive leadership roles to achieve comprehensive sustainable development goals by enhancing readiness for the future to keep pace with the next stage and meet the aspirations of societies.

Hoda Al Hashemi pointed to the important role of the Global Innovation Council in charting future paths to promote government innovation, and support governments’ efforts to prepare for the next stage.

During the meeting, the participants reviewed the most prominent ideas that ensure the promotion and consolidation of the culture of innovation, in a way that reflects positively on government work in various countries of the world. Such as the “Government Aftershock” event and the development of the Fifty-Year Preparation Plan, which contributes to enhancing the country’s competitiveness globally and building a better future.

The Council’s contribution to support the innovation process

They touched on the Council’s contribution to supporting the innovation process in the work system of the UAE government in a way that merges the state’s position and its role as an open global laboratory for innovative experiences. During a brainstorming session, participants in two groups reviewed their perceptions of the future of the UAE in the next fifty years, to develop ideas, proposals, and innovations for the next phase Support future design efforts to create a better tomorrow.

The Global Innovation Council aims to find effective solutions to the challenges that face future governments, within three main axes: “Formula for the Future Government” and “Preparing Global Initiatives” with the participation of elite international experts who are working to transform ideas into reality to develop innovative practices and test them. With governments on the ground, and the “future vision” that focuses on uniting governments around the world to build a government system that keeps pace with the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and establishes a better future for humanity.

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