SEHA announces registration for the “For Humanity program”

The Department of Health Abu Dhabi, in cooperation with the “G42 Healthcare Company” and the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company “SEHA”, according to the For Humanity program, they announced the opening of a specialized field clinic at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center “ADNEC” to register, and test the volunteers wishing to participate in the first clinical trial in the world for the third stage Of the inactive vaccine for the “COVID-19” virus by visiting them directly without having to make appointments.

For Humanity program initiative for medical examination

SEHA announces registration for those wishing to participate in the first clinical trial of the Corona vaccine

ADNEC allows to register and conduct a medical examination for about 1,000 volunteers per day and those who wish to volunteer can visit the field clinic without needing an appointment in order to receive the necessary examinations that qualify for the new vaccine trials, after three days of passing the Corona test “COVID-19” and the clinic will be open only to individuals residing in Abu Dhabi.

A team of nurses, administrators and a number of health sector experts at SEHA is responsible for receiving volunteers at the ADNEC field clinic, managing necessary registration procedures and medical tests, and running an inactive experimental vaccine. This clinic will be available daily from 08:00 AM until 08:00 pm.

For Humanity program

Since the launch of the For Humanity program on July 16, 2020, thousands of people from all the emirates of the country have registered to participate in clinical trials, and the new field clinic will play a major role in facilitating the procedures for registering volunteers, conducting the necessary qualifying examinations, inviting them after days to come and receiving the first experimental dose of the inactive vaccine.

G42 Healthcare operates clinical trial operations under the supervision of the Department of Health Abu Dhabi and in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company “SEHA” whose teams undertake all operations on the ground.

A study is being conducted on the possibility of opening similar clinics in other regions of the country with the aim of enhancing the comfort of all those who wish to volunteer in this test.

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Source: WAM
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