Everything you need to know about the coronavirus in UAE

The UAE Ministry of Health and Community Protection announced today, the latest developments regarding the emerging coronavirus in UAE «COVID-19», which spread in many countries of the world.

The UAE Ministry of Health and Community Protection said:

In a statement published on social media

More than 23,000 exams are part of plans to expand the scope of examinations and detect 479 new cases from different nationalities, all of which are subject to the necessary treatment, the total number of recorded cases is 6,781 cases.

Recovered cases

The recovery of 98 new cases of those infected. As well as, their full recovery from symptoms of the disease after receiving the necessary healthcare, the total number of recoveries to 1,286.

The statement continued:

The death of four cases of injured people of different nationalities, including Arab nationalities and three Asians, due to the severity of these cases, reports came back, announcing all four deaths. And so, the death toll has increased to 41.

The statement concluded:

“We direct the attention of the generous public to the necessity of investigating the accurate information and following the preventive measures, which issued by the Ministry of Health and health authorities in the country. It isn’t to circulate rumours or any information not issued by the official concerned authorities.”

False information

The UAE has decided to impose a fine of AED 20,000 ($5500) for anyone who publishes medical information about the coronavirus that conflicts with official data.

The move apparently aims to combat the spread of misinformation and rumours related to the COVID-19 outbreak, with 37 deaths in the UAE, while the number of confirmed cases there, as of Friday, has now reached a total of 6,300.

It is prohibited for people to, re-publish, or circulate false, misleading, misleading, or not publicly disclosed health information or guidelines … using audio, print, or visual media, social media, or Websites, information technology or other methods of publishing or trading.

The text of the government’s decision only refers to “people” without specifying whether this includes journalists or media experts.

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