ERCs volunteering teams contributing to fight coronavirus

ERCs volunteering teams significantly contributing to fight against coronavirus. It has completely changed the lives of millions of people across the entire globe. The daily way of life for people in many countries is just a distant memory. As the virus reaches a worldwide death toll of over 80,000. Thanks to the help of many brilliant volunteers in the Emirates Red Crescent (ERC) the UAE is getting through the outbreak a lot easier.

Life changes, but hope lives on

The United Arab Emirates may have seen changes to the way people live during the outbreak, but it is still the safest place in the world. This level of security from the Coronavirus pandemic is a direct result of the efforts of countless brave frontline workers in the Emirates.

The Emirates Red Crescent has contributed significantly to the authorities’ efforts to stave off the Coronavirus Pandemic. Under the expert guidance of Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the volunteer teams of the ERC have helped keep Coronavirus at bay.

Volunteers have begun acting as the first contact point for people entering the emirates. Providing assistance to the government by escorting citizens and residents to quarantine centers. The help offered by the ERC doesn’t end there though, they offer up their services to tend to the daily needs of those currently undergoing quarantine procedures.

Teams of ERC volunteers recently provided assistance to government workers as they undertook the National Disinfection Program. The additional assistance helped the authorities to complete the program to an exceptionally high standard.

Emirates Red Crescent is dedicated to humanity

Not content to just assist with existing programs, the ERC is leading their own fight against Coronavirus. On April 4th the ERC handed out 5,000 food parcels to people in need. Each food parcel was packed to the brim with enough supplies to last a month. This effort is part of the Fund of the UAE – Homeland of Humanity initiative.

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