Emirates Year of Tolerance Flight Sets a World Record

Emirates has completed a one-off flight to mark the UAE Year of Tolerance today, and the flight has broken a Guinness World Record. Operating as EK2019, the flight lasted just 90 minutes but contained the most nationalities ever recorded on an aircraft. In total, there were 145 nationalities represented on the Airbus A380, which was wearing a very special livery to mark the occasion.

The flight

The special flight was to be operated by an Emirates A380, registered A6-EVB. This is one of the younger A380s in the fleet, having been delivered to Emirates in November 2018.

Arriving at the airport, passengers were greeted with a dedicated check-in counter and, of course, plenty of photo ops.  Every passenger was also invited to write down their name along with their nationality to add to a board celebrating the flight.

EK2019 took off at just after 12 pm local time today from Dubai (DXB). The entire flight was to last only an hour and a half, returning to Dubai at 13:40. The A380remained at a low altitude throughout the flight, maintaining just below 7,000 feet for most of the trip. Prior to landing, it raised its altitude to 7,850 feet as it cruised over the Persian Gulf.

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