Emirates University develops tool to simulate the spread of epidemics

A research team from the United Arab Emirates University is developing an epidemiological simulation tool to help community members understand the effects of social divergence on the evolution of the emerging coronavirus.

The director of the Center for Big Data Analytics and the head of the Computer Science and Software Engineering Department at the Faculty of Information Technology at the Emirates University, Professor Dr. Nizar Zaki, pointed out that the simulation tool allows the user to model the behaviour of the virus, and a settings panel is provided to explore the characteristics of spread in small, medium or large cities and that the simulator Easy to use and uncomplicated for both technical and non-technical users.

The Emirates University College of Information Technology works through research that is being worked with a group of experts, researchers and students of graduate programs to cover a wide range of issues that are closely related to the country’s needs that include health, education, information security, microelectronics, and energy.

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