Emirates Sports Arbitration Centre reviews the work strategy

The Board of Directors of the Emirates Sports Arbitration Centre reviewed the most prominent features of the proposed strategy for the centre and the steps that have been accomplished on all tracks of the stages of establishment and setting the rules that will be adopted in the future when the procedures for conciliation and settlement of sports disputes begin.

Emirates Sports Arbitration Centre meeting

This came during the regular meeting of the Board of Directors, which was held recently at the headquarters of the National Olympic Committee headed by Ali Bu Jaseem and attended by Dirar Hamid Belhoul, Vice President of the Emirates Sports Arbitration Centre, Saeed Abdul Ghaffar Hussain and Yusef Abdullah Al Batran, members of the Board of Directors and external experts Hamda Saif Al Shamsi, Saeed Ali Al Ajel in addition to Mohammed bin Darwish, Executive Director of the Olympic Committee.

The Council reviewed the first draft of the procedural rules and the definitions and general provisions they contain, aspects related to the independence of arbitrators, conciliators and experts, their qualifications and the duration of their accreditation, the commencement of arbitration procedures, the jurisdiction of the legal centre and other procedural aspects related to the formal commencement of the tasks.

Emirates Sports Arbitration Centre institutional integration

The Emirates Sports Arbitration Centre’s president, Ali Bu Jaseem, confirmed that the organizational structure of the departments and divisions, their roles and tasks aimed at achieving the desired institutional integration between the parties to the work system, in addition to ensuring the provision of the highest levels of efficiency, quality standards and achievement for dealers from the sports sector, facilitating their mission within the corridors of the centre and completing it in the best way.

He said: “The attendees dealt with the reports of the members of the Board of Directors on various legal, financial, logistical and other matters related to pushing the wheel of achievement in the progress of work. The letters received from the various institutions and authorities at the state level related to the issuance of approvals and the approval of the perceptions submitted by the centre to obtain all necessary procedures. “.

Article-No. / 5 / of the Emirates Sports Arbitration Centre’s powers in the Foundation Law stipulates that it is exclusively competent to arbitrate in all sports disputes, which proves the exclusive mandate to settle sports disputes either by the direct method or after exhausting all litigation procedures within the sports authorities .. and the Emirates Sports Arbitration Centre may consider In all cases and disputes related to doping that is subject to appeal, which arises within the country and exhausts the litigation procedures within the National Anti-Doping Committee in accordance with the text of Article 5C of Law No. 16 of 2016 issued regarding the Emirates Center for Sports Arbitration, which stipulates that the centre may consider All decisions issued by the National Anti-Doping Committee are subject to appeal. ”

Emirates Sports Arbitration Centre development

It should be noted that according to Law No. / 16 / of 2016 regarding the establishment of the Emirates Sports Arbitration Centre and according to the text of Article / 18 /, all sporting authorities in the country are obligated to include their bylaws and basic systems that benefit the Emirates Sports Arbitration Centre’s competence exclusively in conciliation in sports disputes and adjudicating them through arbitration.

During the development of a text that states the mandate of the Emirates Sports Arbitration Centre as a supreme body for resolving sports disputes in the country, as well as disputes in which one of the parties is a foreigner, provided that the foreign party agrees to this and the existence of a text related to this matter in a statute or arbitration stipulation or contract, and none of the national parties in Any sports dispute can appeal the arbitration award issued by the Emirates Sports Arbitration Centre before any arbitration body inside or outside the country. “

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