Emirates sends aid plane to Colombia

Emirates sends aid plane to Colombia to support it in the face of the new Coronavirus and returns Colombian citizens to their country. Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues its tour of infection across the globe. Local economies crippled and medical supplies are running low in many countries. The United Arab Emirates, however, is well placed to deal with the outbreak due to many years of investment into medical infrastructures.

Now the UAE is able to generously share the benefits of that investment with other countries. Who have to hit hardest by the Coronavirus. One such country is Colombia. As well as, The UAE is proud to announce that an aid plane carrying medical supplies recently departed Abu Dhabi to bring relief to the Colombian people.

UAE delivers upon the humanitarian promise

Ever since Coronavirus first began devastating countries across the world, the UAE has risen to the challenge of providing humanitarian aid whenever possible.

Colombia is just one of many countries that can be thankful for the generosity of the Emirates. A medical aid plane carrying 10 tons of medical supplies departed the Abu Dhabi airport on Wednesday the 8th of April. So, These supplies expected to provide the necessary tools to fight the Coronavirus to over 10,000 Colombian medical workers.

How has Coronavirus affected Colombia?

Colombia is in the initial stages of the Coronavirus outbreak. There currently around 2,000 recorded cases of infected people in the country. There have been a total of 55 fatalities to date. If the curve of infections we have seen in Europe. It is anything to go by the people of Colombia are still yet to face the worst of the pandemic.

The viral outbreak may only have just begun, but it has already devastated the Colombian economy. The country is facing its first economic decline in over 20 years. Many businesses in Colombia highly dependent upon cash flow to maintain their already very thin margins. In addition, those businesses have to shut down due to the Coronavirus many will force to close their doors forever.

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