Mohammed bin Rashid: Emirates First initiative pivotal role

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, may God bless him, announced the opening of the door for nominations to be honored within the new round of the Emirates First initiative, which was designated this year to honor the exceptional experiences of personalities and initiatives in the first line of defense to address the new COVID-19 virus, and from various governmental and private agencies.

Emirates Pioneers Award to honor Front Line Heroes

His Highness added, “We will celebrate the doctors, security personnel, teachers, the humanitarian sector and all those who put themselves on the front lines in times of emergency to preserve the health and safety of our society.”

His Highness affirmed, “The UAE will remain stronger and better with its loyal citizens and devoted residents, and we are proud of all the heroes, our society and our people, from whom we have seen cohesion and unity to overcome this stage, and we open the way for all proposals to mark the #First_Emirates to honor them.”

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum said in a blog post on his Twitter account: “Brothers and Sisters, We have directed to allocate the ceremony of the UAE’s first leaders this year to honor the exceptional personalities, experiences and institutions that made the UAE a model in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and nominations. “To mark the first emirates, everyone will honor everyone and His Highness published a video of the previous honoring celebrations.”

Mohammed bin Rashid: The UAE is stronger and better with its dedicated citizens and residents

Emirates First initiative pivotal role

His Highness’s directive comes as a gesture of appreciation for the great efforts made by the first line of defense during the past period, and the pivotal role they played in confronting the pandemic, which made the UAE model in dealing with the emerging Coronavirus pandemic an honorable global example.

Where work teams and initiatives in various sectors formed pioneering models in humanitarian and societal giving during the state’s response to the repercussions of the emerging coronavirus, and the first line of defense proved that they are a national wealth in the country that deserves all appreciation and respect.

All members of society can nominate themselves or whoever they deem appropriate among the distinguished personalities and initiatives to address the emerging coronavirus in the country through the tag assigned to the First Emirates initiative, while the committee based on the First Emirates initiative will monitor the names and follow up the nominations through the tag and advertisement on the names of personalities and initiatives in an exceptional ceremony.

Emirates First initiative aims

It is noteworthy that the Emirates First initiative aims to enhance the distinguished Emirati models in various fields, highlight their achievements, and highlight the first Emirati and resident achievers who have worked sincerely since the founding of the UAE until today to consolidate the spirit of the union, in addition to the distinguished youth group in various fields, who have contributed In raising the state flag in all forums.

Emirates First initiative Previous sessions

The Emirates First initiative was launched in 2014, during its previous sessions until 2019, it honored more than 200 personalities and initiatives from all emirates of the country, and celebrated their stories of success and distinction, and their names were immortalized in the memory of the Emirates through government archives and their yearbook.

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