Emirates airlines begins on-site rapid COVID-19 testing

A new type of rapid Coronavirus (COVID-19) testing has been rolled out in the Dubai International Airport. Passengers tested before they board their flights and get results back in as little as 10 minutes. These precautions have come into place as Emirates airlines begin to return foreign nationals to their home countries.

Testing is key to defeating COVID-19

Healthcare authorities in the United Arab Emirates have been working hard to ensure that testing facilities are able to provide tests to as many citizens and residents as possible. The ability to identify infected cases and isolate them is a key strategy in defeating the Coronavirus COVID-19.

Drive through Cornavirus test centres have opened to the public across the UAE. Each test centre is capable of processing over 500 tests a day.

Testing passengers at airports will allow healthcare authorities to quarantine any confirmed cases before they board their flights and spread the infection of COVID-19 to others.

How does the rapid Coronavirus test work?

Passengers are required to head to the group check-in area at Terminal 3 of the Dubai International Airport.

Medical staff will take a blood sample from each passenger.

The blood tested in an on-site facility. The results delivered in as little as 10 minutes.

Increased safety measures for airports

In order to guarantee the safe repatriation of foreign nationals, further safety measures put into place.

  • New protective barriers are in place at check-in counters.
  • Emirates Airport employees ordered to wear masks & gloves. They also required to make frequent use of hand sanitiser.
  • Passengers required to wear masks while in the airport and for the duration of their flights.
  • Finally, the number of passengers permitted on flights reduced in line with social distancing protocols.
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