Dubai’s Lifestyle Clinics to adopt a new style for prevention of diseases

The clinic is not dependent on drug prescription but extends beyond that to have a comprehensive behavioural, social and psychological care.  The Lifestyle Clinic, which is run by the DHA’s Primary Health Care Services Sector aims to provide prevention programmes for persons at risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.  It also provides prevention programmes to persons with risk factors, such as those who are overweight and obese, are lacking in physical activity, consume unhealthy food, have a family history of diabetes, are suffering from psychological stress and are smokers.

The Lifestyle Clinic services are available in Nad Al Hamar Health Centre and Al Barsha Health Centre, however, community members can visit any primary Healthcare Centres to be referred.  Those who visit the clinic will find greatly benefit from it as they will be seen by three specialists and get three services at once during each visit to the clinic such as family medicine, dietary services and health education clinic.

She added that the goal of the Lifestyle Clinic is to change client’s behaviour to a healthy one that will become a part of their daily life. In a way that each clients’ routine will include an increase in physical activity, healthy balanced diet with daily consumption of fruit and vegetables, proper night sleep, dealing properly with stress and drinking enough water. The healthcare team will also encourage family members to do the same changes as family members provide a support system for customers in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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