Dubai Tourism top priorities to reopen hospitality sector

The Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing Department affirmed its complete keenness to provide distinguished experiences for visitors within the framework of a package of preventive measures that put the health and safety of everyone at the top of their priorities. This comes as Dubai prepares to reopen its doors to receive visitors and guests from all over the world.

Dubai Tourism puts health and safety as a top priority

Dubai precautionary measures for tourism activities

Dubai Tourism indicated that the emirate has adopted a set of precautionary measures at various points of attraction that attract visitors and residents, including public facilities and various tourism activities, in preparation for the gradual lifting of restrictions, and the emirate’s hotels that are preparing to receive guests again have been directed to adopt strict preventive measures. It is in line with the highest international standards to establish Dubai as one of the safest destinations in the region.

In light of the effective management of the Emirate of Dubai to contain the global pandemic and continue its efforts to control the spread of “Covid-19“. The city is taking carefully studied measures and procedures to reopen its various economic sectors in stages while maintaining its commitment to ensuring the public safety of the city’s residents and visitors. In addition to emphasizing the importance of commitment to physical distance and wearing masks all the time to combat the emerging coronavirus. Dubai has laid down detailed instructions for reopening commercial activities for various government agencies and private companies, including the hospitality sector, while emphasizing the importance of maintaining reputation. The goodness of the city’s hotels, which take into account everything that can protect the health and safety of its visitors at all times.

Dubai Tourism
Dubai puts health and safety as a top priority for reopening the hospitality sector.

Facilities to ensure safety guidelines

Dubai Tourism restrictions that have been eased recently include the reopening of the beaches of hotels, as well as the re-practice of water sports activities, in addition to the new procedures to ensure the safety of guests of hotel establishments and employees, where the visitors of those beaches must adhere to the physical distance between two people and 4 meters between each group. The guests are only allowed to be present on the beaches, while the rest of the other facilities in the hotel remain closed to prevent the transmission of infection, and the adoption of a work method based on a commitment to continuous sterilization and cleaning operations to reopen them gradually. Dubai Tourism inspectors will follow up and periodically inspect these facilities to ensure that they comply with and apply safety guidelines.

Khalid Bin Touq, the Executive Director of Tourism Activities and the Taxonomy Sector in “Dubai Tourism” said:

“The extent of adherence to the highest health and safety standards in the coming stage will have a direct impact on the success of the tourism sector, which requires our partners in the hospitality sector to adhere to the guidelines Sterilization processes for hotel facilities provided by «Dubai Tourism», as well as how to deal with guests and employees to maintain their health, especially as safety obsession will be in the mind of every person who thinks of spending a vacation. We will not be lenient in applying health and safety protocols, as we will cooperate with our partners in the hospitality sector to implement them in a sound and effective manner, especially as the safety of guests will be our top priority, on our gradual path to normal. ”

Dubai, under the guidance of its wise leadership, is taking effective steps to enhance social confidence, in order to encourage people to gradually return to their daily lives in a safe environment. The easing of restrictions related to beaches and water sports activities in hotels is part of the step-by-step approach and coordination with various sectors to restore activity to them, especially the tourism sector, with our full understanding of the importance of guests enjoying a distinctive stay in hotels, where these procedures will ensure their exercise of recreational activities on the beaches with Maintaining their safety.

We are constantly assessing the current situation and looking forward to the post-Corona phase, we will be guided by the advice of experts working in the official medical authorities in the country during the coming stages to reopen the tourism sector with the aim of preserving Dubai’s reputation as a global city and one of the safest destinations in the world.

Hotels perform sterilization operations

As part of efforts to reassure lovers of domestic tourism, as well as visitors from abroad, hotel establishments must perform sterilization operations for their facilities daily, as well as frequent and thorough cleaning and use of disinfectants in all rooms, air conditioning systems, equipment, tanks, and toilets, in addition to ensuring sterilization Intensive areas, where meeting and communicating with guests, especially the lobby lounges, and other commonplaces, as the elevator should not be used by several people at the same time, while the hotel entrances will be equipped with examination devices for guests without touching them.

Restaurants in Dubai hotels will also be allowed to provide services to guests as well as guests within the framework of special arrangements that include a certain occupancy rate with the need to maintain a distance of two meters between each table while encouraging external requests, as well as payment and delivery of meals without contact.

The gradual lifting of restrictions imposed on the hospitality sector will allow more people in Dubai and other Emirates to enjoy residency in any of the city’s hotels, where domestic tourism is expected to contribute significantly to the return of activity to this sector in the early stages, according to the strategy implemented by «Dubai Tourism »To drive the growth of the tourism sector, while ensuring compliance with the highest safety standards to preserve the health of residents and guests.

Emirates Airlines aviation sector

Dubai Tourism also coordinates closely with its major partners in the aviation sector, especially Emirates Airlines, which recently announced its readiness to resume passenger flights to 9 global destinations from May 21, as well as Dubai airports, to ensure the application of health and safety instructions and protocols, that contributes to reassuring travellers and visitors who will be able to enjoy a safe stay in Dubai. Among the precautionary measures taken by «Emirates Airlines» require all members of air services crews, boarding gate supervisors, and ground services employees, who are in direct contact with passengers, to wear personal protective equipment, which includes a protective garment over the uniform. Thermal cameras at Dubai International Airport also monitor the temperature of customers and employees. Protective barriers have been installed on “counters” to clear travel procedures as an additional step that guarantees the safety of passengers and workers and wearing gloves and masks at the airport is mandatory for everyone.

Source: WAM
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