Dubai Sports Council discusses with Khan opening boxing academy

Dubai Sports Council welcomed the British boxer Amir Khan, the Olympic champion and world champion, in lightweight boxing several times.

Dubai Sports Council … Olympic champion

The Dubai Sports Council discussed opportunities for cooperation with the Olympic champion through the establishment of an academy specialized in boxing training to be an extension of its famous academies in London. It work to train and develop talented athletes, and provide ways of success and progress for them to be world champions.

The Dubai Sports Council also encouraged the world champion to move in to stay with his wife, Feryal Makhdoom, and his three children, Lamisa, who is 5 years old, and Alina, who is approximately two years old, and his newborn son, Mohammed, to live in the Emirate of Dubai, and take advantage of the capabilities provided by the emirate to encourage sports, which is something that Promotes sports tourism and increases investment opportunities in Dubai.

The Dubai Sports Council also discussed the possibility of holding a showdown in Dubai between Amir Khan with the world star and the Philippine boxing legend Manny Pacquiao, who has a close relationship with the Council.

Dubai Sports Council Polarization

Dubai Sports Council continues to attract the most famous international sports stars from different countries of the world and urge them to open investments and establish sport academies in Dubai, which encourages them to reside in Dubai, which is the kiss of the stars and the world champions from the athletes who are keen to attend to it constantly because of the facilities and infrastructure provided.

Amir Khan said:

He is happy to be in the Dubai Sports Council, which has hosted many sports legends and world champions.

He is proud to be among the list of great people hosted by the Dubai Sports Council, and also excited to return to Dubai to be my second home and the seat of my future investments, the most important of which is opening an academy. Boxing in Dubai, and staying with a friend Manny Pacquiao in Dubai.

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