Dubai Silicon and Derq offer an AI smart pandemic platform

Derq, a company that specializes in artificial intelligence technologies and patented by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), revealed its cooperation with Dubai Silicon Oasis in the use of its technologies to provide solutions that help cities to combat the emerging coronavirus “Covid-19”.

These solutions are to create a platform based on artificial intelligence technology that helps maintain the safety of community members and monitor their compliance with the prevention instructions recommended by the relevant authorities.

Dubai Silicon and Derq partnership

Dubai Silicon
Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority Partners With Derq To Deploy Ai Based Solution

In the context of the partnership between Dubai Silicon Oasis and the companies and institutions specialized in providing advanced solutions that help meet the various challenges that cities may face with innovations that contribute to ensuring the best quality of life, DERQ company, specialized in artificial intelligence technologies, and patented From the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), on its cooperation with the Oasis in the use of its technologies, to provide solutions that help cities to combat the Coronavirus, by creating a platform based on artificial intelligence technology, that helps maintain the safety of community members, and monitors their compliance with prevention instructions.

Artificial Intelligence technology usage

Derq uses artificial intelligence technology to help implement global safety standards, ensuring that everyone complies with them. The company, which specializes in reducing road accidents, uses an algorithm that holds a number of prestigious international awards, adopting the results obtained from cameras installed in public places, to measure compliance with safety guidelines.

Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority supports “Derq”

They published a number of preventive and precautionary measures for “Covid-19”, to support cities and enable them to address the spread of the epidemic. The company uses modern technologies that rely on the pictures taken by road cameras installed in most gathering places and density, in terms of the number of people. These pictures are analyzed at high speed, to detect any violation that might cause harm to society and report it. The “Dirk” technology provides a dedicated control panel to review the commitment of different parties to preventive instructions and precautionary measures, allowing them to take the necessary steps immediately to ensure community safety.

“We are delighted to cooperate again with” Derek “to enhance community safety in light of this exceptional circumstance that we are going through,” said Dr. Mohamed Al Zarouni, Vice President and CEO of Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority. Our top priority lies in ensuring the safety and quality of life for all residents of the oasis, in particular, and the emirate of Dubai and the UAE in general. This cooperation is also linked to our primary mission to lead an intelligent, integrated, and sustainable society. ”

“Our way of life has changed due to the Corona pandemic, and we have to understand the details surrounding us more than ever,” said Dr. George Odeh, Chief Executive Officer of Derq. We are also proud to contribute to addressing this major global challenge and to work quickly to meet it with unconventional ideas and technologies.

UAE uses Artificial Intelligence in cities to combat corona

It is noteworthy that the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority supports “Derq” in developing and testing its technology by conducting direct tests in Dubai Silicon Oasis.

The collaboration between the two sides dates back to 2017 when the company began experimenting with patented artificial intelligence video analytics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

These analyzes enhance road and pedestrian safety for regular and self-driving cars through V2X technology and flashing artificial intelligence-based signs to predict road accidents and notify vehicles of sufficient time to avoid them.

Source: WAM
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