Dubai Police use 3D technology to identify people

Lt. Col. expert engineer Rashid Ahmed Lootah, Director of the Electronic Forensic Evidence Department at the General Department of Forensic Evidence and Criminology at Dubai Police, the department uses 3D technology in imaging and matching faces with a verification rate of up to 100%, noting that the images are extracted from Video clips of the person whose identity is required to be identified.

Dubai Police was able to extract evidence and retrieve data from damaged devices as a result of water or destruction, using programs and some light chemicals, noting that the department’s programs are updated periodically and continuously due to the speed of 3D technology and software update to keep pace with this acceleration.

The Usage of advanced 3D technology

Lieutenant Colonel Lootah said: The department has worked on 3207 cases since the beginning of this year, as the Computer Department recorded 171 cases, and the Telephone Inspection Department recorded 729 cases, while the Network Department registered 475 cases, and the Audio Evidence Section recorded 181 cases, while the Video Evidence Analysis Department recorded 1142 cases using 3D technology.

Challenges facing electronic criminal work

Noting that one of the most challenges facing electronic criminal work is the poor quality of the cameras on the market, which are difficult to extract evidence such as photos of people or their specifications, as well as the angles covered by the cameras that neglect important points.

Lieutenant Colonel Lootah added, “The search and analysis processes take a long time. For example, in cases where the evidence is by phone, the images to be examined may reach 10,000 pictures, unlike the video clips using 3D technology, which may take up to tens of hours.” With regard to cases that need to empty the cameras for several months, Lieutenant Colonel Rashid Ahmed Lootah explained that some programs are used to save time.

Electronic Evidence Department

He pointed out that the Electronic Evidence Department is divided into 6 main departments and deals with all cases in which a phone, tablet, computers or cameras are used, pointing out that all devices are examined and in the event that conversations and data are erased, programs are used to prove the device’s association with an account number or An email indicating its relationship to the matter.

UAE the first State use 3D technology innovation

Lt. Col. Rashid Lootah pointed out that the programs and techniques used by the department are being checked periodically, and all new to it from all over the world are added, indicating that the new forensic laboratory includes the most recent devices in this field, including detection of sounds and recording times, and Dubai Police is one of the first State agencies in the Gulf that established a specialized department for examining sounds and recordings in 2000 with the 3D technology innovation, and it turned into a sub-department that includes many departments.

Dubai Police efforts

He also stated that the administration was able to detect and disable many malicious programs of some companies that were targeted by global gangs that spread viruses on the Internet with the aim of obtaining information or destroying systems and devices with the effective 3D technology.

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