Dubai multicultural school of 103 different nationalities

UAE popular with Multicultural cities and citizens globally and now UAE playing second home to around 200 nationalities, the country’s schools also have a diverse education community with diverse curricula, programmes and nationalities.

It is also widely known that the British curriculum school has been crowned the most ‘multicultural school’ with students of 103 different nationalities studying in it.

However, the staffs for British curriculum school and most of the teachers are from the UK, also they mentioned the importance of equal opportunity and added that “No set profile and we are an inclusive school and do not have a set profile for our school.

The aims of the programme are not only to encourage but also to create awareness among our students that this country’s beauty lies in its diversity and therefore we must learn to accept each other with our differences. From now on school, will take accountability to guarantee that all members of our school comprehend the variety and cultures and expectations within our learning community. To acknowledge the diversity of the different community, it is our duty to respect and fell them welcomed, give them a voice, valued, and they will prove to be an asset in the future.

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