Dubai launched a global roundtable under the theme Value of AI and Robotics

Dubai Future Foundation launched a series of global roundtables under the theme “Value of AI and Robotics” in partnership with the Knowledge Centre for Data & Society in Brussels, GovLab in New York, and Project Syndicate. The roundtables take place in the UAE, Belgium, and the US.

The first roundtable of the series was held at Area 2071 in Dubai, and hosted local and global experts from the public and private sectors, in addition to representatives of international institutions and technology solutions providers.

The conversation aimed to engage top minds in a discussion on how societies, organizations, and individuals create and capture value in the age of intelligent automation. The experts also analysed how social institutions especially those tasked with the common good, such as governments and public sector entities – create, capture, and distribute the value generated by AI and intelligent machines.

Abdulaziz Al Jaziri, Deputy CEO and Chief Operations Officer at Dubai Future Foundation, stressed the importance of adopting modern technology tools to find innovative solutions to the challenges humanity faces. “Hosting the first gathering focused on the value of AI and robotics in Dubai underlines its leading global leadership in adopting advanced technologies to achieve rapid leaps in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Main Themes

The roundtables focused on three main themes during key sessions and panel discussions with industry experts. Participants evaluated current and future challenges, and proposed several solutions to cope with changes and meet new market needs.

The first theme, ‘The Emerging Enabling Ecosystem and Infrastructure,’ examined the state of the emerging technology ecosystem and infrastructure that enable AI, big data, and robotics business models, products, and services to flourish, as well as their impact on regulatory frameworks.

The second theme, ‘New Products, Processes, and Services at Traditional Business Model Firms’, explored how existing institutions have integrated AI, big data, and robotics into business models, as well as the effect of these new value creation channels on the entities.

The third theme, ‘Emerging Forms of Value Creation and Capture in New Business Model Firms’, discussed how new business model firms leverage AI and robotics to create and capture value. In addition, it examined how these new forms of value creation have resulted in further investment opportunities, products, and services.

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