Dubai is among the world’s top ten in best public transportation

Dubai ranked among the top ten cities on the list of the best public transportation in the world during 2020, compiled by Far & Wide, ranking eighth in the world, ahead of cities such as Shanghai, Zurich, New York, Prague, Beijing and Stockholm.

World’s Best Public Transportation

Dubai is on the list of the best public transportation

A report published by the website said that Dubai’s popularity among travellers is increasing day by day, while it’s best public transportation keeps pace with meeting the needs of the public, as the city has invested heavily in the metro, bus and tram systems, and has allocated more than 100 billion dirhams to strengthen the infrastructure in order to keep pace with demand, adding Transportation options live up to the reputation of a city famous for its sophistication.

In addition to ferries, trams, monorail, buses and trains, the city provides unique and elegant wooden water taxis to drive around. The Nol Card can be used to seamlessly navigate all transportation options while exploring this wonderful city on its global ascent. Singapore tops the index, followed by London, then Hong Kong, then Madrid, Chicago and Tokyo in seventh place. “The best tourist cities boast best public transportation systems,” the report said.

Dubai is an amazing development story

A regional centre for finance, technology, real estate, tourism, trade and investment

Global reports confirmed that Dubai has strengthened its position as an international destination for money, business, travel, entertainment and retail, and that the emirate’s established reputation is strengthened by development indicators and global reports in various sectors, explaining that the emirate’s prestigious competitiveness among the world’s cities and its distinct ability to attract investments, capital and talent give it the best opportunities In the future.

Dubai has turned into a destination and incubator for innovative business and projects, as well as the Middle East centre for finance, information technology, real estate, shipping and trade, noting that good governance, leadership and vision are the most important pillars to support economic and social growth in the city, which is a few decades has turned into a global business centre. A destination for FDI inflows in a stunning development story.

According to reports issued by international newspapers and news sites, Dubai has succeeded in recent years in building a strong brand and a prestigious reputation for itself among the rest of the world, explaining that the emirate has established its position as a destination for events, conferences, events and major exhibitions as well as the tourism momentum thanks to its components, facilities and sector Modern hospitality, in addition to its distinctive, charming and unique landmarks, where Dubai loves to break records.

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