Dubai Industrial City & International Humanitarian City cooperation

Dubai Industrial City confirmed its keenness to participate in supporting the international efforts currently being made in the fight against the emerging corona pandemic. In the framework of concerted efforts to address the consequences of the current global crisis and to besiege the virus and limit its spread globally.

International Humanitarian City & Dubai Industrial City partnership

Dubai Industrial City stated that it entered into a strategic partnership with the International Humanitarian City, pursuant to the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, regarding the affirmation of the positive and influential contribution of the UAE in the urgent and effective response to cases Emergencies and crises anywhere in the world.

Dubai Industrial City has allocated through these partnerships strategic facilities and additional storage space for the International Humanitarian City to ensure support for its efforts in providing medical assistance regionally and globally from Dubai, and support the relief efforts of the World Health Organization, UNICEF and the United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees and the United Nations World Food Program.

Dubai Industrial City facilities logistical problems

Dubai Industrial City
80% of the “World Health Organization” aid starts from UAE

The additional facilities provided by Dubai Industrial City, one of the largest industrial and logistical centres in the region, are used to store medical supplies for emergencies as part of global efforts to combat the outbreak of the virus, and personal protection kits for medical personnel in the first line of defence including medical gloves, and masks, in addition to Storage of diagnostic examination equipment for “Covid-19“, sterile materials and other necessary medical equipment.

By providing additional spaces, Dubai Industrial City contributes to strengthening the efforts of the World Health Organization, which is leading international efforts against this pandemic mandated by the United Nations, where the organization established a relief centre in the International Humanitarian City within Dubai Industrial City. The organization sent more than 150 A shipment to 100 countries from this centre, and these shipments represent about 80% of the medical materials designated by the organization to help combat the emerging coronavirus around the world.

Other international organizations, such as UNICEF, UNHCR and the United Nations World Food Program, which are based in the International Humanitarian City, are contributing to these global efforts.

80% of the “World Health Organization” aid starts from UAE

Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Statment:

His Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed clarified the many humanitarian initiatives implemented by the UAE since the beginning of this pandemic and said in this regard:

“The UAE extended a helping hand and assistance to about 50 countries and sent more than 570 tons of medical aids, and worked hard in cooperation with the  Organization and its partners through the International Humanitarian City. It includes the largest warehouses for humanitarian relief to transport more than 80% of Medical Aids to the World Health Organization to more than 98 countries around the world and the delivery of supplies necessary to combat the coronavirus during the first third of this year.”

International Humanitarian City (IHC)

The International Humanitarian City, established by the United Arab Emirates, is a global humanitarian aid hub that aims to provide facilities and services to all international aid actors.

In 2009, IHC reported contributions of 14.3 million dirhams ($ 3.9 million), all of which were on a multilateral basis.

Contributions were primarily in the form of services for international institutions and NGOs, including the World Food Program, UNICEF, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the World Health Organization. All benefit from warehouse and organization offices and logistical support.

Dubai Industrial City

Dubai Industrial City is located near the Al Maktoum International Airport on the Emirates Road and accommodates an increasing number of manufacturing facilities in Dubai. It is occupying an area of ​​560 million square feet.

It is a member of TECOM Investments and is ranked third in the largest non-real estate project in Dubai and designed to meet the needs of its tenants And to provide the necessary support from facilities and services to guarantee the highest capacity of the resident industry and the ability to expand in the future.

It is expected to become a leading destination for manufacturing companies in the United Arab Emirates while providing a cost-effective and efficient work system with each other with many industries.

Dubai Industrial City includes logistical services, educational developments and mixed uses upon completion.

Dubai Industrial City will include 6 areas as follows:

  1. Food and beverage area.
  2. Transportation equipment and parts area.
  3. The area of ​​machines and equipment.
  4. Metal products area.
  5. Base metal area.
  6. The chemical area.
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