Dubai Health Authority wins best strategy for learning & development

The Dubai Health Authority won, today, Monday, the award for the best strategy for learning and development, within the “Human Resources Awards in the Government Sector at the Level of the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries“, after intense competition with more than 200 distinguished participants, which made achieving this victory exceptional.

Dubai Health Authority exceptional victory

Human Resources Awards fruitful achievement

This award came in coordination and fruitful cooperation between the departments of human resources, medical education and research at the Dubai Health Authority.

The award was received during the honoring ceremony held today at the InterContinental Dubai Festival City Hotel, as part of the activities of the annual government human resources conference, by: Director of the Human Resources Department, Amna Al Suwaidi, and Director of the Medical Education and Research Department at the Dubai Health Authority Dr. Wadia Abdul Rahim Sharif, in the presence of a number of officials and decision-makers in Leading governmental and private agencies in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

Dubai Health Authority development initiatives

The Dubai Health Authority has been keen to implement many distinguished initiatives to develop and refine the skills of its employees, through training courses, programs and distinguished initiatives, such as:

Leadership preparation programs that have been specially designed to be in line with the nature of the Dubai Health Authority’s work.

Training programs to support research, scholarships for employees inside and outside the country.

Programs training of trainers to build a qualified internal cadre, in addition to continuous improvement of the quality and scope of residency and fellowship programs.

The provision of internationally accredited qualification and specialized programs, in partnership with international institutions in the medical and administrative fields.

The “Electronic Medical Library” of the Dubai Health Authority, which includes more than 26 million scientific sources, ranging from articles, books, published research, scientific journals, etc., is considered a reliable reference for doctors and health care workers.

Dubai Health Authority strategy for innovation and artificial intelligence

As part of its strategy for innovation and artificial intelligence, the authority has launched several distinct programs to promote a culture of innovation, among its employees, which is reflected in the registration of many patents by the authority’s employees during the past few years.

The Dubai Health Authority’s efforts in developing its medical, supportive, nursing and administrative cadres contributed to the increase in the percentage of customer happiness for the authority, to become 88.6% at the end of 2019, in addition to achieving exceptional rates of happiness about the levels of awareness and knowledge of the medical staff of the authority, to reach 94%, and about the ability of the nursing staff to perform their duties optimally, reaching 93%.

Dubai Health Authority modern technologies adoption

The modern technologies adopted by the Dubai Health Authority during the past years, including the electronic medical library and the training programs offered remotely, have also contributed to the authority’s continuing training and strengthening the capabilities and skills of its employees and the provision of training and educational programs during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the continuous familiarization of employees with the developments of the pandemic and the latest technologies and the methods used to deal with it.

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