Dubai Students Funds Dh50,000 for orphans in Sri Lanka

UAE student has done massive charity to collect money as much as possible at the Kaleidoscope, which hundreds of students attended and show performed by students, including determined ones, to collect support for children living in foster homes in Sri Lanka.

It is being a while since more than 500 students preparing for intensive three-weeks programme by an Indian director, Anshumali Ruparel (Darshali Arts, Bombay, India), who has over 38 years of theatre experience in India and overseas.

The coordinator of the event gave a speech om this fantastic journey of humanity support and stated, “The foster home in Sri Lanka was built at the time of tsunamis to accommodate orphans and later on, it started giving shelters.

There were many impressive shows such as, skit show by the students demonstrated a deaf, dumb and blind child come together to solve a tragic situation which goes on to prove that challenged people are blessed with.

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