Dubai first regionally in the global financial centers’ index

Dubai topped the financial centres in the Middle East and North Africa in the Global Financial Center Index 2020 issued by Z / YEN and ranked 12th globally, outperforming ancient global centres among them.

Global financial centres’ index

The index of financial centres is updated in each of March and September of each year. It receives great attention from the global financial community. The index acts as a valuable reference for policy and investment decisions.

The company studied 120 centres for this version of the Global Financial Center Index. As the number of financial centres in the main index increased from 104 to 108. With the addition of Barbados, San Diego, Tehran, and Vilnius.

Dubai Global and Regional Rank

In the sub-indices in the competitive fields

Dubai ranked 10th in the human capital component, ahead of Tokyo, Brussels, Frankfurt and Los Angeles, and the 12th in the infrastructure factor, ahead of Paris, Sydney and Frankfurt. In addition, It ranked in 13th place in the factor in the development of the financial sector, ahead of Luxembourg and Copenhagen.

In terms of breadth and depth in financial centres

Dubai ranked in the list of the world’s leading cities and ranked 5th out of 12 centres ahead of Beijing, Zurich, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Washington.

Abu Dhabi ranked 39th, Casablanca 41, Bahrain 48, Riyadh 88 and Kuwait 91.

In the sub-indices of the industrial sector, Dubai ranked fourth in the financial services component among 15 global centres. So, It outperformed Singapore, Shanghai, Toronto, Beijing, and Zurich. Eventually, ranked 11th in the investment management component and 15th in insurance.

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