Dubai Culture discussed the future of the cultural and creative sector

The Dubai Culture and Arts Authority “Dubai Culture” held a virtual dialogue session under the title “The future of the cultural and creative sector in the next 50 years” in response to the design project for the next 50 years of the United Arab Emirates launched by Vice President and Prime Minister of (UAE), and ruler of the Emirate of Dubai, H. H. Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Dubai Culture launched a virtual dialogue session

“The future of the cultural and creative sector in the next 50 years”

Director-General of Dubai Culture, Hala Badri hosted a dialogue session that launched a community survey to receive ideas from all segments of society in the cultural and creative industries, and 40 creative ideas in the cultural sector were pursued.

The event is part of the interactive initiatives between government agencies, the private sector, and community members who have been included in the design project for 50 years, to work in a participatory manner on proposing ideas and perceptions and drawing features of the future in all sectors through a set of activities and events supervised by the Higher Committee for the Preparation Year For the fiftieth year.

Dubai Culture emphasized the importance of cooperation

Dubai Culture emphasized that the cooperation, solidarity and joint dialogue between the government and the people is a fundamental pillar in building the future of the nation and achieving its renaissance and sustainability, and the keenness to work in a team spirit with the community in various sectors to design a better future and a clear roadmap that supports the development process that achieves the quality of life of the community.

Hala Badri explained that the virtual dialogue session dealt with the concept of creative and cultural industries, six sectors that fall under it, the wide ramifications that it includes, the effective role it plays in the development of society and the economy, and that the cultural and creative industries sector is one of the vital economic sectors and an important lever for the national economy.

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