Dubai Culture aims to turn libraries into groundbreaking hubs

The Hatta Public Library, a literary tributary surrounded by mountains and deserts on all directions, was visited by Hala Badri, Director-General of Dubai Culture and Arts Authority.

Badri toured the library, which was founded in 1998 and is one of Dubai Public Libraries’ eight branches, comprising about 75,000 titles, including children’s Arabic and English books and visually disabled people of determination.

Dubai Culture aims for a revolutionary vision

In line with the crucial role played by Dubai Culture in promoting the UAE government’s vision of developing knowledge-based communities, Badri said. “Dubai’s public libraries are rich with cultural and knowledge programs as well as reading activities. This also coincides with the first-ever National Reading Law launched by President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan to establish”

Badri said, “We are keen on the Authority to turn libraries into creative platforms that would provide a comprehensive cultural and scientific experience while allowing members to browse e-books and magazines as well. Libraries play a major and vital role in promoting the reading and knowledge of Emirati society in its various components. Today, our public libraries are mini-universities. Because of the variety of their content, as well as the colorful elements, divisions and rooms that they include. Such as the reading area, newspapers, the internet, apps, audio-visual resources, classrooms, and a multi-purpose space.

In addition, membership is available to children and adults as well as to members of the family. Corporate memberships for authorities and organizations also lead to enhancing the Authority’s policy. This is to make Dubai a preferred destination of choice for all lovers of the arts and culture. Also a beacon of cultural diversity for foreign talent, and an epicenter for innovation and cultural dialogue.

The Hatta Public Library is famous for its geographical location. It has a visitor’s heritage hall containing everything related to the national heritage. The library also contains the Hatta Arts & Innovation Club providing workshops on sculpture, painting and photography. There are also several community centers nearby, such as the Municipality of Dubai, Wadi Hatta Park, and others. In addition to the incredible mountainous nature of the region, especially in winter.

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