Dubai canceled requirement for PCR test for visitors

The Dubai Supreme Committee on Crisis and Disaster Management has reported the modification of the travel protocol to and from Dubai in order to encourage and exclude passengers, in particular residents, from additional steps, without regard to the specific preventive measures, and as the Emirates News Agency has stated, the new protocol specifies that residents are exempted from inspection.

Visitors won’t need the PCR test

According to Al-Qabas, a mandatory pre-examination of transit passengers arriving from a community of countries or according to the specifications of their final destinations is also provided for in the protocol. As with departing from Dubai, if the destination needs a pre-test, the test is compulsory.

UAE is one of the best destinations

According to the findings of a new survey conducted by the French company ‘Ipsos’ in collaboration with British researcher Simon Inholt, a specialist, the UAE was ranked first in the country and ninth worldwide on the list of the best foreign travel destinations in the ‘Covid 19’ period and beyond, especially over the next five years. On patent issues for countries.

Among the 14 selected nations, the UAE is the only Arab and Middle Eastern region, surpassing South Korea, Finland & Sweden. Also the United Kingdom, and Taiwan. In the age of ‘Covid 19,’ Germany was the top travel destination. The questionnaire framework was focused on a specific thing. The tracking of the views of 20,000 people from 20 different countries around the world on their travel plans over the present century. This is for a span of 5 years from now on.

Tourists prefer the UAE

Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority. Also President of Dubai Airports, Supreme President and CEO of Emirates Airlines and the Company. He said: “We also reaffirm our dedication and support to reviving the global tourism movement. While achieving the highest safety standards”.

“He added today in a tweet on his official” Twitter “account”. Dubai has opened its doors to tourists and earned the World Travel and Tourism Council ‘s approval of (Safe Travel). In addition, the safety measures it introduces and the many attractions it includes give tourists the courage to appreciate what it offers. City to its guests to the fullest, “according to the newspaper” Al Bayan

In terms of generating work openings in the country. He found out that tourism is one of the most relevant industries. As it helps create emotional, cultural and economic connections, people are motivated by travel.

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