Dubai authorities begin to ease Coronavirus lockdown

Dubai authorities will begin to ease restrictions relating to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This comes at a time that the United Arab Emirates is beginning to re-open its society after a serious lockdown. Precautions will remain in place, however.

Lockdown eases up in light of the slowing rate of infection

One of the biggest restrictions in quarantine is the requirement for people to stay at home. Reducing the movement of people has been a key factor in preventing further spreading infections. Now that the infection curve is flattening authorities are easing the restrictions on movement.

Allowing people to move around the city of Dubai again represents a turning tide against the Coronavirus.  Services will only reopen partially in order to ensure that the second wave of infections does not become an issue. It is important to maintain a safe environment for all people and to prevent a second lockdown.

The situation will continue to be under careful assessment at all stages. In addition, Dubai city authorities will monitor and track things very carefully.

It is with great hope that we see the virus begin to end. Furthermore, may all people of the UAE soon return to their normal lives.

Dubai authorities: Restrictions will continue until Coronavirus infection stops

Many restrictions will continue until the Coronavirus is no longer spreading in Dubai. Citizens will still need to wear masks whenever they leave their homes for example.

Social distancing protocols will continue as an essential precaution against viral infection. Consequently, it is important to remain 2 meters in distance away from others at all times.

Restaurants and malls will be allowing patrons inside once again. However, these businesses will be operating at only 30% capacity. Social distancing will also take place inside of these businesses.

Entertainment businesses such as movie theatres will remain closed.

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