Dubai Attracts Tourists Virtually amid Coronavirus

In 2019, Dubai welcomed more than 16.73 million tourists from all over the world. That’s why Dubai can break some global records in tourism. But then the coronavirus outbreak started. And as a result, most flights around the world are now suspended.

However, travellers still have the chance to do what they enjoy most. It now gives them the chance to discover its well-known landmarks and even interact with such remarkable places.” is simply an online platform where people can go on a tour in it whenever they want. The platform includes all the most important attractions that Dubai has. Moreover, it uses multiple photography technologies to offer its visitors an experience that’s so close to reality.

Online viewers can now see in detail what the magnificent city of Dubai has to offer. For instance, the website allows you the chance to visit Burj Khalifa, which is located in the most luxurious place in the UAE, Downtown. Dubai spares no effort to introduce itself to the world in the best way possible, even in a deadly virus outbreak.

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